About Us

A Faith Based Senior Living Community

Glencroft stands as a shining example that one person can make a difference! In the early 1960’s, Sarah Ruth, a local pastor’s wife, began to provide care for an elderly couple in her church. They had no family and there were no ‘care options’ in the community at that time. Eventually, she moved the couple into her home and continued her mission of compassionate care. Upon their death, it was discovered that this couple had gifted her with $500 for taking them under her protective wing. She, in turn, placed that gift in a savings account to serve as the foundation for a retirement community that could meet the needs of our seniors. That selfless gift so many years ago has evolved into what is now known as Glencroft.


Today, Glencroft provides quality housing for 900 residents who experience a broad continuum of retirement living and care. Under the sponsorship of Mennonite Health Services Alliance, Glencroft has the answer to your retirement lifestyle needs…Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care or Memory Care…Glencroft covers it all.


about us


The Mission of Glencroft

Our mission is to provide a broad continuum of high quality senior services in a manner that demonstrates Christian love and compassion. 

The Vision of Glencroft

Our vision is to create an environment that inspires seniors to experience enriched and fulfilling lives. 

Core Values of Glencroft

Compassion - to align ourselves with the healing and reconciling ministry of Jesus, believing every person to have a unique physical, emotional, spiritual and quality of life needs worthy of dignity at every stage of life. 

Integrity - to engage in practices that are of the highest ethical standards and in decsion-making which is informed and guided by Christian principles.

Excellence - to attract, develop and retain the highest quality employees, treating them with respect and trust, and encouraging creativity and teamwork. 

Innovation - to embrace and stand ready for change, as well as consistently exercising a willingness to take on new challenges. 

Collaboration - to further our mission through cooperative efforts with other mission driven organizations in order to deliver leading-edge care and services.